Oscar Isaac says theres “More looseness” in episod filming, says Carrie Fisher’s death still hurts



Oscar Isaac seems confident in EPISODE 9.  In describing how filming has been so far and working with JJ Abrams again , he told the Daily Beast

“There’s a looseness and an energy to the way that we’re shooting this that feels very different,” the actor added. “It’s been really fun being back with J.J., with all of us working in a really close way. I just feel like there’s an element of almost senioritis, you know? Since everything just feels way looser and people aren’t taking it quite as seriously, but still just having a lot of fun. I think that that energy is gonna translate to a really great movie.”

Well we can only hope so. The Force Awakens universally is more well received than The Last Jedi. The difference in direction and story points that Rian Johnson told after JJ set everything up , were very controversial. With JJ back in charge, perhaps Ep 9 will be a film more loved

Oscar Isaac touches on doing the movie without carrie Fisher, especially after having so much screentime with her in Episode 8




“The story deals with that quite a bit,” he said of Fisher’s passing. “It’s a strange thing to be on the set and to be speaking of Leia and having Carrie not be around. There’s definitely some pain in that.”

Isaac goes on to say that, despite losing Fisher, there is still a very fun-loving, joyous vibe on the set, as the cast and crew realize that they are about to cross the finish line.


Before changing the subject, Isaac made sure to reiterate once more that Fisher’s presence will be felt throughout the entire movie. “It deals with the amazing character that Carrie created in a really beautiful way.”

It will be intriguing to see how Leia’s story ends. JJ Abrams and co have their work cut out for them to do the character of justice now that Carrie Fisher is gone.


Breaking: Rogue One Prequel Series Starring Cassian Andor Coming to Disney Streaming Service

Wow what an announcement

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During the fourth quarter earnings call today, Bob Iger revealed that none other than Diego Luna will be returning to play Cassian Andor in a Rogue One prequel for Disney’s new streaming service, now called Disney Plus.

Here’s the official press release from starwars.com:

Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced today that Lucasfilm is in development on a second Star Wars live-action series for Disney+, the Company’s new direct-to-consumer streaming service. The series, which will go into production next year, follows the adventures of rebel spy Cassian Andor during the formative years of the Rebellion and prior to the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Diego Luna will reprise the role of Andor. “Going back to the Star Wars universe is very special for me,” said Luna. “I have so many memories of the great work we did together and the relationships I made throughout…

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New Star Wars: Age of Republic covers revealed

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From Jedi-Bibliothek (imperfectly translated from german):

“We will get in touch with the topic “Comics” today! This mainly concerns Variant covers and anthologies of Marvel, but a bit of IDW Publishing is also included. Let’s start with the pure eye candy – Variant covers for Age of Republic: Qui-Gon # 1 and Star Wars # 58, which were unveiled via PREVIEWSworld.


Age of Republic: Qui-Gon Jinn #1 (Giuseppe Camuncoli Promo Variant Cover) (05.12.2018)


Age of Republic: Qui-Gon Jinn #1 (Cory Smith Variant Cover) (05.12.2018)


Age of Republic: Qui-Gon Jinn #1 (Movie Variant Cover)(05.12.2018)


While we’re at it, thanks to a new Marvel anthology catalog for May 2019, there are also covers for Age of Republic: Heroes and Age of Republic: Villains, created by Leinil Francis Yu and Jesus Aburtov:

AgeOfRepublicHeroesTPBAge of Republic: Heroes (14.05.2019)

AgeOfRepublicVillainsTPBAge of Republic: Villains (21.05.2019)

These volumes each collect the four heroes and villains books, and…

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Review: Solo A Star Wars Story by Mur Lafferty

Outer Rim Reviews


Reviewing novelizations is hard. How do I review a story we already know? How do I review the book on its own merit, rather than end up just reviewing the film itself?! I figure it breaks down into two questions – does the book stand on its own as a fun and engaging story (as opposed to feeling like a script) and does it add more to the pre-existing lore?

With the Solo novelization, for me it ticked both boxes outstandingly. Granted, I made sure to read it before the DVD release, so the book served as a memory refresher for the film, but I still think this book stands on its own as a delightful story filled with adventure and excitement!

“You and I freedom make…by secret battle of pretend.”

One of the (many) great things about Star Wars books is they give voices to characters who generally do…

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My first review: ‘The Perfect Weapon’ by Delilah S Dawson, a fun and quick read

Delilah S Dawson has quickly become one of my very favorite authors as I’ve read more of her work. Despite having a short story (released as a free enovella) to make, she does a great job providing a neat characterization of Bazine Netal.


images (8).jpeg

Bazine Netal, briefly seen in THE FORCE AWAKENS, watches BB8 roll into Maz’s castle before reporting it to The First Order


Bazine Netal is the sly-looking woman we see briefly in Maz’s Castle in TFA. She wears a tight hood over her seemingly bald head and dawns blackpainted fingernails and black lipstick. Her gothic-esque look provides a sinister warning to any stranger who dares approaching her. In ‘The Perfect Weapon’, we find out her looks are not just badass — but her mentality and combat abilities are as well.


From the get go, Bazine is depicted as a no nonsense chick. When men approach her, if they aren’t her type, then they very well could be leaving her presence with more than just hurt feelings.

She is set up by her former mentor to seize a very important asset from a former Imperial stormtrooper. She is promised a fortune if she retrieves the steel case from this former soldier of the Imperial military, but there’s a catch. She isn’t the only one who’s sent on this job.


Before heading out to retrieve the case on the planet Vashka, she visits her old mentor, an older man named Kloda, and borrows his ship, The Sparrowhawk, for the job. She travels with a skilled slicer named Orri (who’s a young blueskinned Pantoran man). Despite Orri’s skills with slicing and hacking, he’s basic in combat and subpar in spying. But Bazine tolerates him, while trying to teach him a lesson or two, just because he is needed for the job.

Bazine infiltrates a medcenter where her ex-Stormtrooper target was last filed to be at. She then finds out, from data found in the hospital, that he is residing in a retirement building on Vashka. She then heads to the retirement center and finds it to be utterly abandoned and invaded by native-insectoids called apidactyls. She fends off the dangerous ‘dacs’ and eventually finds the man she’s looking for.


She gets the case but is doublecrossed by a man she least expected to be betrayed by. Despite the mission being a trap, she successfully leaves the planet with the case (and it’s valuables within) all for herself.


Final thoughts:

It’s amazing how Dawson is able to suck you into this story so quickly and give you insight on a forgotten character from TFA. This short book is an easy read, because its short and a fun pageturner that’s nearly impossible not to finish in one read.

I highly recommend checking it out. You’ll be a fan of Bazine by the time you’re finished with it. 

I ended the novel wishing that Bazine had a longer novel about her. Maybe eventually she will get one.


-Thanks for reading.